Making jewelry more sensuous with silk #1

Silk = sensuous, irresistible , lush and kingly! Who doesn’t love to feel how delicate silk touches their body with gentle glides? And with combination of generous pleats the outcome is magnificent! Come with me and have a look how I create jewelry made with silk.

Before even starting to make jewelry I have to do some fabric preparation. For my jewelry pieces I wanted to have very dramatic effect with pleats. To get this draped texture I altered the fabric itself by folding each pleat by hand and letting it ‘sit in’ until the drapes become permanent. Yes, it did take a lot of time! Have to say handpleated silk and time do not go well together and I knew I had to do everything in organized manner (my trusty sketch book verse says it all!)

get shit done.jpg

After I’ve made my endless shibori silk ribbons (that’s the name of pleated silk) I can actually start making jewelry. The secret of working with silk is being as delicate and careful as you possibly can. Silk will never forget ruff and robust needlework and it will show. Super fine needle and smooth thread is needed to work with such demanding material.

The thing what I like most about pleated silk is it has motion to it. It almost looks like it moves and waves and you can bend those moves as you wish – make more dramatic or subtle as possible. Have numerous ideas for shibori silk jewelry but for now I can only show you these sneak peeks from my latest collection. Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

artisan soutache and bead embroidered jewelry handmade to highlight personality




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