Small step that makes big change

Hello, fabulous people!

For me a serious step towards better small business operation and development was to create my first planned collection of items. I know, i know…for some 3 jewelry piece collection might seem a bit ridiculous but it’s a major step towards better and more planned out business. Business for artisan is much more complicated as usually client expects a well planned out ‘new collection’ launch in a certain time period. But the tricky thing is –  artisans don’t operate like that. We ( artisans) create things upon imagination that is carried out not in strictly planned schedule. For OOAK ( One of a Kind ) pieces it is even more difficult. I can not express how hard it is to create designs in the same style/color/motif and put them in several pieces so I would be able to call it a ‘new collection’. BUT…I have made this step once with the PINK COLLECTION and soon there will be a bigger second step.

Here are some photos that show PINK COLLECTION details. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts as well.



2 thoughts on “Small step that makes big change

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I know what you mean about the collection thing…I have a hard time even making two earrings that match! Once I finish one earring, I am ready to move onto another color palette, another design. 🙂 Your work is awesome though, well done!

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